Scala Radio and Donne Highlight 10 Women Composers in April

Judit Varga has been selected to be one of the 10 women composers to be presented by the British radio station Scala Radio in April 2021. In their joint project launched in February 2021 and initially planned for three months, Scala Radio and Donne – Women in Music, a UK-based charitable foundation fighting gender inequality within the music industry have been cooperating to highlight women composers who have never been played on the radio station before, thus introducing their music to a wider audience.

10 pieces written by women composers of both our time and past centuries have been chosen to premiere on the station each month during the three-month period. In April, besides Judit Varga’s music, the program features compositions by Clarice Assad, Laura Valborg Aulin, Emily Bear, Annabel Bennett, Anna Bon (Di Venezia), María Luisa Escobar, Jesi Nelson, Alexandra Stréliski, and Mari Esabel Valverde.


6 April 2021