New release: Varga Entitas with Ensemble Modern & Peter Eötvös, Clemens Heil, Anu Tali



  • Matej Bonin
  • František Chaloupka
  • Andris Dzenītis
  • Paweł Hendrich
  • Kristaps Pētersons
  • Jānis Petraškevičs
  • Nina Šenk
  • Judit Varga


Musicians: Ensemble Modern

Conductors: Peter Eötvös, Clemens Heil, Anu Tali

  • 2 CDs
  • EM Medien
  • EMCD-037/ EMCD-038
  • Release: 2017
  • Total playing time: 137.54


CD 1

Paweł Hendrich: Sedimetron for Ensemble (2012) in memoriam Andrzej Chłopecki Peter Eötvös, Leitung 15.00

Nina Šenk: Twenty In Five for speaker and Ensemble (2012) ONE: The beginning TWO: First impression THREE: Facts (the beginning and the journey) Artists (criticism of the culture, of the nation) FOUR: Pessimistic views of the present FIVE: Views towards the future Anu Tali, Leitung 19.10

Judit Varga: Entitas for twelve musicians (2012) Clemens Heil, Leitung 20.25

Kristaps Pētersons: Money for conducted Ensemble (2012) I Money economic boom / economic crisis II Money solution Anu Tali, Leitung 14.23

CD 2

Matej Bonin: Kaleidoscope für Ensemble (2012) Peter Eötvös, Leitung 16.52

František Chaloupka: Mašin Gun – The Seven Rituals for purging the Czech Lands from the Spirit of Communism – für Ensemble (2012) I Intro Ritual II–VI Ritual VII Outro Ritual Peter Eötvös, Leitung 16.03

Jānis Petraškevičs: Darkroom – A fantasy piece for Ensemble (2012) #1 Motto (…SCHumAnn/Aufschwung …) #2 Clemens Heil, Leitung 11.50

Andris Dzenītis: Latvian Cookbook for Ensemble (2011/12) Sätze I–IV sowie VII–VIII Peter Eötvös, Leitung 24.05